Thiruppavai Day 25

Paasuram 25 - Day 25



oruththi maganaay(p) piRandhu Or iravil

oruththi maganaay oLiththu vaLara(th)

tharikkilaan aagi(th) thaan theengu ninaindha

karuththai(p) pizhaippiththu(k) kanchan vayitril

neruppenna ninRa nedumaalE!, unnai

aruththiththu vandhOm paRai tharudhiyaagil

thiruththakka selvamum sEvagamum yaam paadi

varuththamum theerndhu magizhndhElOr empaavaai


oruththi maganaay(p) piRandhu Or iravil oruththi maganaay oLiththu vaLara- Kannan was born as the son of Devaki, but was brought up as the son of Yashoda without the knowledge of the world. Without making a specific reference, Andal uses the word “oruththi”, to refer collectively to both, the mother who gave birth to Krishna and the mother who brought Him up. Her devotion was so overwhelming that she does not refer to Kannan’s name for the fear of Kamsa and his evil intentions. She addresses Him as Madhusudana, the son of Devaki. He is extolled by the Vedas themselves as the one who killed the wicked Madhu and restored the imperial Vedas back to their pristine glory. He enshrines Himself in all sentient and nonsentient as the indweller and the innercontroller. The sacrificial oblations of Dasharatha bore fruit and a nobleson was born to Him and Kausalya and also three other sons to his other two wives making it four in all. Kannan on the other hand was born as the only son to the foursome DevakiVasudeva and NandagopaYashoda. Devaki asked for a boon to stay away from her son for fear of Kamsa. Though Krishna was born with a divine and most beautiful form with four hands adorning the conch, discus and with a bejewelled attire, the couple could not take delight in such a wonderful vision long enough due to the fear of Kamsa. Kannan therefore bestowed the bliss of seeing His incarnation to DevakiVasudeva and the bliss of seeing His playful antics to YashodaNandagopa who, fed Him affectionately with milk, rocked His cradle and cuddled Him with love.


piRandhu – Out of compassion, He took to Himself, all the grief from us who are destined to face the samasaric gale. He stayed in the womb of Devaki fortwelve months instead of ten.


iravil – On a chosen night, that was destined later to be called as Srijayanthi, for it was the day chosen by the Lord to incarnate. If he were to be born during the day, then it would not have been possible for bringing the female child to Mathura in exchange for Kannan to Gokula.


oLiththu vaLara – He was brought up without the vile glances of the evil Kamsa from falling on Him.Oh Kannan! Who is now sitting majestically in the grand hall, pray fulfil our and protect us.


tharikkilaan aagi(th) thaan theengu ninaindha karuththai(p) pizhaippiththu(k) kanchan vayitril neruppenna ninRa nedumaalE! – Kamsan made up his mind to set out and kill the eighth child of Devaki after being told by a voice from the heaven that the eighth child of Devaki would slay him. He started killing all the babies in the land, who were born on the day Kannan was born. The elders lived a life of fear, always thinking of the possible dangers to Kannan from Kamsa. Kamsa sent the likes of Putana, Shakatasura and others to kill Kannan. Krishna however killed them all even when he was just a baby. Kamsa was struck with terror and fear, as he knew that as the boy grew older, he would one day comeand slay him too. Kannan brought fear in Kamsa similar to the way he had brought in the minds of the dwellers of Gokula. Upon His birth, He brought a great deal of peace to Devaki and blessed her womb similar to a flow of pure cool water. He blessed Yashoda’s womb similar to a flow of nectar and milk. At the same time, He kindled fire in Kamsa’s stomach, punishing him for all his transgressions. Andal and her maids address Kannan as the divine one who would dispel all vicious influences and bestow allround goodness on them. Kannan then addressed them asking of their wants and the reason for their nombu observances. The Gopis replied that they have come seeking Him alone. Kannan again asks them of their aspirations and to the object of their desire. The Gopis reply “unnai aruththiththu vandhOm paRai tharudhiyaagil” – Our aim is to attain you alone. That is the reason for our nombu ritual. To attain you as our goal with you as our means is our desire.


thiruththakka selvamum sEvagamum yaam paadi– The reason for us having chosen to attain You is because you have been the object of attainment of Sri, your divine consort. The devas and the asuras churned the ocean in search of nectar. It was then that Thirumagal emerged verily as the nectar from the ocean. She chose you over everyone else and took Her lotus throne in the cosmos of your heart. It was then that you became the Lord of Sri. Pray you take us into your fold today and become the Lord of Gopis and the beloved of Gopis.


varuththamum theerndhu magizhndhu– We pray you, who is the object of adulation and desire of Sri, to end all our torments due to separation from you and to bestow us with the bliss of attaining your divine communion. The Lord inflicts punishment on those who commit transgressions towards Him or towards His devotees. He at the same time bestows the nectar like bliss on those who seek His lotus feet as their refuge.


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