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The authenticity and Vaibhavam of Sri Devi is a central doctrine for SrI VaishNavAs. Sri ParAsara Bhattar, the foster child of Sri RanganAyaki points out in one of the verses of Sri GuNa Ratna Kosam that the Vedic seers as the mantra drashtAs have revealed that the VedAs are indeed the repositiories for the precious gem-like guNams of SrI Devi:


devi Srutim bhagavatIm prathamE pumAmsa:
tvat-sadguNaugha maNikOsa grham grNanti |

One authentic Veda Sooktam, which establishes the greatness of SrI Devi is Sri Sooktam. This Sooktam has provided the pramANams for many PurAnams (VishNu PurANam), IthihAsam (Srimad RaamAyaNam) and stOtrams (Swamy ALavanthAr’s CatusslOki, AchArya RaamAnujA’s SaraNAgati Gadyam, KurEsar’s SrI Stavam, ParaaSara Battar’s SrI GuNa Ratna Kosam, Swamy Desikan’s SrI Stuti and SrI VenkatAdhvari’s LakshmI Sahasram). Sri Devi’s upAyatvam (Her as the Means), upEyatvam (Her as the goal) and PurushakAratvam (Her Intercession with Her Lord to forgive the aparAdhams of the Jeevans) and Her naamA as BhagavathI (one who has the six guNams just as Her Lord) identify Her as a lofty tattvam, which is even grander than Her Husband, who takes pride in being known as the Lord of SrI Devi (SrInivAsan, SrIdharan, SrIsan, SrEyaSrImAn, Maadhavan, MaalOlan).

Our AchAryAs have established the uniqueness and glories of Sri Devi and Her special relationship with Her Lord. We will study these links between the 19 mantrams of SrI Sooktam and the doctrines such as Her Jagath KaaraNathvam (creatrix), Mokshaprathathvam (power to grant Moksham) and Vibhuthvam (Lordship).

adiyEn wishes to acknowledge the insights on the meanings for the Mantrams of Sri Sooktham by Sriman RajagOpAlAcchAr Swamy in his monograph, Sri VaishNava Dinacharya, released by Sri VaishNava PrachAriNi Sabha of Chennai.




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